1. Dina’s Song (the love’s enough for now)

2. My Old Blue Car     

3. Wish You Knew

4. Country Bumpkin

5. The Sandhill Waltz

6. A Country Boy and Girl

7. Campfire Song

8. The Coyote and the Prairie Dog

9. If My Heart Could Say

10. Send Her Back to Me

11. Back in Topeka

12. Home on the Range

13. Down Along the Lazy River

14. In the Sweet By and By

15. Waterbug Dance

16. Whistle Tune

17. Name and Number

18. Little Harvest Town

19. A Winter Wind

20. Russian Waltz

21. Anywhere You Go (Pickin' with the Cicadas)

22. Mediteranean Waltz

23. Lutheran Waltz with Nighthawks

24. Some Sweet Day

25. Send Her Back to Me (with Dwight)

26. Cascade Creek

27. Pickin Duo in Kansas City with lg-2

28. The Sandhill Waltz (original from cassette)

29. The Rain Fell

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